What Do You Mean?

What Do You Mean?

 Hey there,

 Have you ever been caught off guard, lost for words, and left thinking, "What do you mean?" We've got just the thing to capture that perplexing moment – our fresh embroidery collection showcasing this useful phrase!

 Imagine those instances when someone drops a puzzling bombshell or throws you a curveball that leaves you momentarily speechless. Our "what do you mean?" t-shirt becomes your silent voice, conveying that mix of confusion, surprise, and intrigue. It's like wearing an enigma on your chest, inviting others to join in the intrigue.

 Whether you're at a social gathering, a casual hangout, or even tackling everyday challenges, this versatile tee acts as a visual cue, sparking curiosity and drawing people closer. It's an invitation to engage in lively discussions, share stories, and forge connections through shared experiences.

 Swing by our store to grab your very own "what do you mean" t-shirt and unlock a world of unspoken communication.

 Be the catalyst for captivating discussions

 Wishing you a world of intriguing encounters,

 The Uniwari team

P.S. Act fast!  Don't miss out on the opportunity to leave others wondering, "What do you mean? I need one too!"
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